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ASP NET Web & Desktop Application Development

Microsoft ASP.Net is the next-gen web development platform. It is an application programming platform for the developers that is able to provide Object Oriented Programming Languages (C#, VB.NET and F#), Rapid Development Environment (VS2010 and VS2012), Integrated Source Control Tools (VSS and TFS) and integration with SQL server database for various types of development.

Dot Net is able to process all codes on the server end. When it is in process the server is able to return resultant HTML to the client. It is also able to manage true object oriented programming. The best thing about ASP.Net is that it can mix and match different pages using different languages and can make them work seamlessly. It is one of the powerful tool to build dynamic web pages.

There are plenty of business on the planet who leverage robust Dot net solutions for better performance and futuristic solutions to push the growth trajectory. It is a framework that allows businesses to get some of the best and intuitive solutions for web and desktop. To improve your business continuity, productivity, scalability and High Availability

- A consistent programming model
- High speed of development
- Crosss platform migration becomes easier
- Increased productivity
- Vast support from the .NET Framework Library
- Higher reliability and scalability
- Business will get easy configurations of applications and security
- Has relatively short learning curve for developers
- Faster development with code sharing
- Ability to detect and retrieve memory efficiently
- Has common runtime engine, simplified deployment
- Web application design and development
- Application development
- Enhanced existing applications in .NET
- Dot Net Web Services development
- ERP Solution
- Shopping Cart Application
- Hospitality Management - Hotel Booking System
- Parking Booking Management
- Software as a Service (SaaS) products
- WCF Services
- MVC Framework
- AJAX sites
- Crystal Reports

With our plethora of solutions, we are able to support our clients in designing, developing and integrating application based on the Microsoft .Net platform. The Dot Net team is able to develop and deliver comprehensive solutions utilizing the Microsoft .Net functionality. This is the Microsoft programming language that allows fast development of powerful web applications. Our development team has helped to create, integrate and design .Net applications understanding your requirements.

Some of our unparalleled services include-

- You get cost effective development services
- To earn higher customer satisfaction score
- Get solutions from certified and skilled developers
- Seamless communication at all stages of development

HostFav has a small team of dedicated PHP, .NET & Java Developers, who have great experience and commitment to excellence.

Custom PHP Development Service

PHP or Hypertext processor is a well evolved scripting language is designed specifically for server-side programming. Pen source scripting language is one of the best options to build exceptionally fine quality website and can be embedded into HTML. This robust server-side language offers great functionality.

With the use of custom PHP development, we can create interfaces for updating website from any web browser with little knowledge to understand any type of scripting language. It allows us to create pages that can provide us with instant updates of posts, messages, articles and anything else that you might think to include in your website. Moreover, with the ability to support several platforms, PHP has been widely used by developers across the globe.

PHP has almost swept the web in style and ease. It is relatively easy to learn and comparatively cheap for every web projects. It is an open source and development cost is thus much lower than other technologies such as JAVA or Dot Net.

- Free and open source
- Vast community support
- Proven and tested application framework such as CakePHP,
  Zend Framework and Symphony
- Easily embeds into HTML
- Platform-independent
- Supports all major web browser
- Supports all major databases
- Faster and secured developments
- Web application design and development
- PHP development and customization
- CakePHP application & customization - Web application development
- PHP development
- PHP shopping cart development
- PHP CMS development
- PHP Porting and Migration
- Custom PHP Web Application Development
- PHP Database-Driven Web Development
- Development CRM Applications

With more than 10 years of experience and dealing with plethora of PHP web development projects across array of industries and verticals. We have thus grown out to be a leading provider of end-to-end web development services and solutions. Backed by a team of experienced PHP developers who have experience in latest technologies such as LAMP, MySQL and more. We offer industry best solutions and customized PHP services to global clientele. Without process sharing model at the center stage we enhance a great value to customer who wants a better return on their investment.

HostFav has a small team of dedicated PHP, .NET & Java Developers, who have great experience and commitment to excellence.

JAVA Development Service

Java is by far one of the most popular open source languages globally. Java is a platform independent, architecture neutral, multi-threaded, high performance programming language that is highly concurrent, class-based, objected-oriented and specifically designed to implement dependencies as possible. One of the highly scalable language, which is flexible and establishes effective migration roadmap to improve business functionalities. It draws maximum business in an effective manner and meets every objective quite cost-effectively. It is one of the highly-secure and platform agonistic language improving agility and quality of your IT solutions.

- Java has thrown out all the complex features of C++ and C resulting in
  a simpler language
- It is a single root, single inheritance object oriented language
- Java comes with built-in support for multithreading
- Java RMI allows to easy access to objects
- It is a platform independent language

- Java Web Development
- Java Mobile Development
- Java Migration Service
- Custom Java Development
- Java/J2ee Development
- Enterprise Java Development
- Java Application & Maintenance Support
- Java Software Development
- Java CMS Service

Java is able to develop secure applications. Skilled developers use latest technologies that makes your business imbibed to current speculations and faster services.

- We have a number of prosaic solutions that can help you to embrace-
- Agile development solutions
- Customer focus development
- We use proven development methodologies and matured processes
- We follow best practices and frameworks to make your services easily
- We have talent pool of java experts with deep domain knowledge
- PMI certified project managers to provide high quality project
- Cost-effective and high quality Java based solutions as per your

HostFav has a small team of dedicated PHP, .NET & Java Developers, who have great experience and commitment to excellence.

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